Hey! We're the people behind YOU DO YOU.

The YDY Crew

Hi! We are the girl gang that started YDY, or YOU DO YOU. Bronwen (left), Sharon (middle) and Kaila (right). We met at a previous workplace but developed a bond that was so unique we knew we had to start this brand together.

How would we describe ourselves? Well, we are the square pegs that don’t quite fit into round holes BUT we love that!

We challenge the status quo, not to be difficult BUT to be daring.

We don’t agree just to fit in. We collaborate, we create, we connect.

We celebrate authenticity, humour (lots of it) and passion.

We are about being our silly selves with integrity, intelligence and imagination!

They can huff and puff and try to blow our house down. In fact, BRING IT ON!

Want to find out more? Read this blog post about how it all began.