That is the question.

The Urban Dictionary definition of HUSTLE:

"To have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life. You gotta hustle to get what you want.”
 The Collins Dictionary defines HUSTLE as:
"A state of great activity."

Either way, it’s about getting out there and working it! Like many people I tend to be drawn to, I like to work fast, work hard, move at pace and get SH!T done. The HUSTLE drives me. It is an intrinsic motivation, a passion, a reward. In fact, even big brands drive us to HUSTLE. They tell us to TAKE ACTION to get where and what we want.

 Nike Just Do It Campaign  
Nike tells us to JUST DO IT! Apple requests we THINK DIFFERENT.

I have always found it fascinating and curious, observing how people hustle. Isn't it sad that most people never develop a passion for what they do? OR is it because they don’t know how OR where to find their HUSTLE? Is it safer to stick to the status quo, because that is a certainty? OR does a leap outside the lines of the hopscotch game in the Playground of Uncertainty, look good on you?
To best understand the HUSTLE, you must first meet THE HUSTLERS.

1.The FAUX-Hustler

This is the George Costanza of hustlers. They announce how ‘busy’ they are, followed by the ‘look at me, I am so busy’ sigh. We’ve all witnessed it and I know you are totally naming names out loud right now. Admit it! I am! Ha ha.
George Castansa Hustle


George defined this well… ‘When you look annoyed, people think you are busy.’ The FAUX-Hustler is often a little louder than most and perhaps best identified by their slightly above decibel commentary OR laugh to:
  1. Get your attention
  2. Create a verbal distraction
  3. Announce how busy they are and what world problems they are solving - HUZZAH!


This is old school hustling. Taking the short cuts with twist of slim-shady. They are the poker players of Hustle Boulevard. The Street Hustler defines themselves as the OG of Hustlers! (Insert knuckle dusters here.) They are legitimately entrepreneurial in their mindset, taking pride in building and creating something of their own. 
H O W E V E R, the semi-bluff tactic is often used to get there. The Street Hustler never reveals their full hand in an effort to work their HUSTLE. It’s a slow-play to allow other players to reveal their play, before the OG can wager their bet. They have charisma, but rarely have a tell. Remember, they are the poker players of the Hustle.


The side hustle is REAL. The Hybrid Hustler practices listening and observing, so they can grow and dabble in new experiences. Life is a reality, so they err on the side of caution, carefully balancing certainty with a big ol’ spoonful of uncertainty. De’lish! Being self-motivated and driven, the Hybrid Hustler (HH) looks at how to generate new opportunities for income, assets or experience on the side. The journey to get there, is half the fun since hard work is a close friend. There are never enough hours in the day for the HH. The mind is always on, balancing the actual with the possible, ethically and authentically. A permanent (‘ish) job is always present, but there is always a twist of side-hustle:
  • A start-up business venture
  • An income generating channel such as AIRBNB, rideshare, Car Next Door
  • A casual trade or consulting gig




These Hustlers move swiftly and know when to bend the rules legitimately. They know what they want but are open to change. They always innovate and create. They forever challenge the status quo. They accept that nothing is perfect but you’re committed to finding the solution. Failure only drives them to try again. They are confident. They know what value they bring and are committed to delivering on their purpose. They have had more business ventures than jobs and work with the belief that:


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." 

- Ferris Bueller

Hustle to experience all that you do not want to miss out on in your lifetime.
Hustle to smile more.
Hustle to spend more time with your nearest & dearest.
Hustle to achieve what makes YOU tick.
Hustle to think outside of the square.
Hustle to WIN & FAIL, then WIN again!
Time to get your HUSTLE on!
Meet you on the d-floor...!

 You Do You Sharon