I have been following YDY for a month now and it’s got me thinking... what does being YOU really mean?
Let me start by clarifying:
This is not a platform for me to make things ALL ABOUT ME and expect you all to enjoy, agree and applaud.

I am not using the YDY platform to make my voice louder because of the wrongs that have been done to me by others. HELL NO!

Call me a story-teller.
I see, I learn, I live.

I jumped at the chance to share a story when the YDY crew offered it. I wanted to share what I’ve learned and considered on the journey of ME BEING ME.

I am in awe of those who are confidently different, rocking a unique style, hair do, attitude or energy.
I wonder about when they began to fit into their skin and if it was a ‘considered’ choice or just an easy evolution?

For me, being YOU isn’t a middle finger to your haters. It’s a happy choice and a skin that you just ease into, without fear of judgement.
Hate feeds hate.
Happy feeds happy.
I know what I would rather! Do you?

Being YOU should involve being considerate of others. Not a mind reader but just someone who respects the unique, individualism of others too.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, ideas, thoughts and preferences. Who are you to poo-poo it? What could you possibly gain from that?
These days, I distance myself from those who do that. That’s an energy I call, ‘bad ju-ju’ and I do not want that in my world.

I am reminded of good ju-ju by the simple things.
My niece has an amazing spirit.
She is unique, creative and has an incredible imagination.
She doesn’t judge others.
In fact, she is curious to know more about those that a different.
I observe her. That’s how she learns.
For this, I am her biggest fan girl!
She will ask questions as she wraps her 7 yr old mind around what’s new and different.
It really isn’t that hard to bring the playground to the boardroom, is it?

The man in my life is similar.
He lives his life simply, with the objective of ensuring the things that cause stress, are absent.
Control the things that you CAN control.
Be open, be accepting, be curious, be you!

I’ve been known to take on too much
It’s my theory that this not only causes self-induced stress
it clogs the pores of imagination and creativity.
I can learn a lot from these two loves in my life.

As I follow the YDY crew, I have begun to notice things.
Perhaps paying more attention to what it means to be un-apologetically YOU.
I agree : be authentic
I agree: find your tribe
I agree: you do you

My caveat:
Be considerate
Be respect of others being THEIR authentic selves
Be the bigger person

It’s important to find your tribe, but not at the cost of losing yourself just to fit in a little better or a little more.
Evolution is a natural part of life and even IN your tribe, people will evolve.
I have. I am. I do.
It is important.
It’s an homage to the playground when we were allowed to be curious, ask questions, be different, be happy for no reason!

Even in my tribe now, I know I am different. Sometimes I feel like the odd one out. I might not always agree with my tribe, their attitudes, their words, their choices, but, this is how I do ME!
*guest-blogger Kitty C