Are you sure it's me and NOT you?

Dear Crew’pies,

I’m keeping this fairy tale, short & sweet,
So grab a quick cuppa & a bite to eat.
Once upon a time, I knew not what to do,
When hit in the face, with an… IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU!


It’s happened to the best of us & somehow, we feel like the last man standing when we go through it.

 💔 I'm talking about THE BREAK-UP. 💔 

Naturally, when it happened to me, I stumbled off my path, lost my way and felt a sinking sense of doubt and uncertainty about who I am.

You see, my ‘flaws’ had been called out - loudly, repetitively and unapologetically by another that I had loved and believed, accepted me for ‘how I do me’.

🙅 Day 1: I never saw it coming! 

I had always been aware of my flaws and was the first to acknowledge, I am by no means perfect. However, on this occasion, my flaws were the, quote: “deal breaker”.

💔 Day 2: I spiralled and struggled to see ‘me’, past the HORRIFIC flaws that had been red carded on the playground of love.

I wanted to uncover the secret life of the culprit who had so heartlessly broadcast my scars.  I wanted to give them a reason to look in the mirror for the very first time and see the darkness and doubt they had cast. That was simply 🤬 Day 3 talking.



After hitting the bottom (😭 Day 4) for what felt like an eternity and shedding enough tears to warrant Noah re-building the ark, my 🖕Day 5 gave me an entirely new & ROCKIN’ reminder, thanks to the support of MY crew:

  • I am better than that.
  • I know who I am.
  • I take responsibility for all that is me.

I could smile again and be the one to say, actually…


  1. Because I accepted your flaws, your imperfections, your bruises, your dents, your scars.
  2. Because you count and list the rare occasions my flaws had reared their ugly head and yet, I cannot recall one of yours because I just saw ‘you’ for ‘you’ - the flaws & the fabulous, all rolled into one.
  3. Because I have ‘connections’. I have connections that have always been there. They are loyal, loving, frustrating, overbearing, trusting, supportive and encouraging. No matter what, they accept me for me. My quirks, my flaws, my all. I do not have to pretend to be someone else or have a secret ‘life’ just so they only see what I want them to see. They see ME. Just ME. Real. Raw. Authentic.

I have seen this to be true time and time again. Like a phoenix from the ashes, you DO rise and become braver, stronger and more determined to be YOU.

Thank you 🙏 Day 6.

You remember that whilst it might feel nice to shift the responsibility onto someone else, it only feels right for a moment in time. It takes two & it takes courage to stand up, face reality and choose the direction that will be your yellow brick road to The Wizard of YOU!

And, just like that, Day 7 arrives and it comes packin’! It brings the reset button.

With it, more courage to say, it is NOT me, it is YOU.


  • YOU have flaws, EVERYONE does … that’s human and it’s allowed
  • YOU are not perfect… NO ONE is
  • YOU have values… they are simply RANKED differently to mine
  • YOU are supposed to change… if you don’t change, you FREEZE


Remember this Crew’pies:

 YOU are unique 
 YOU are valued 
 YOU are worthy 


Find your crew. They will help YOU DO YOU!

Don't be fooled, this isn't limited to a break up!

Been told you aren't good enough, side eyed for what you are wearing, questioned, made to feel uncomfortable, heard comments about you but not to you?

Then this one is for you! THE BREAKUP has landed and you need it NOW!