YDY was born overnight with the three of us thinking... "Why the f*ck not?"

Why the f*ck not?

Between the three of us we had all the experience we needed to get the business started and learn along the way. No, we didn’t have money flowing from the showerhead to start it up. We were smart about how we did it and still stick to that theory now.

What we have is courage, we have each other and we have the need for more in this life.



Something you might find surprising is that the world of starting up a business (even with two of your greatest friends) can be a little scary and daunting, we act like total fools to get us through our serious dose of imposter syndrome.

So when Business Chicks 9 to Thrive came up we knew we had to be there. Firstly it is a whole two days celebrating women as a whole and then tack on the added bonus of women in business - not just any business but their very own businesses.

Business Chicks YDY


The smell of coffee and aspiration was on point (see I know the cool things to say) and the energy from the minute I arrived was pretty electric. The line on arrival to get in was probably 2-3km but at no point was anyone annoyed to wait or getting frustrated with the muppet in front not walking fast enough to get in the doors.

YDY line up
I went between the main stage and the Garage stage they had set up to listen to a stellar line up of female speakers talking about everything from social issues, parenting and business. I mingled with over 20 ladies I had never met before and knew nothing about but felt completely at ease and at home. It was like we were long time friends that hadn’t seen each other for a few months as we spoke about our business/work and what we do.

With some great lessons learnt to take away from both a personal and business perspective I left the day feeling exhausted and also bursting with a new found love and passion for the business we had created and even more drive to take it to the world.

Business Chicks talks


At YDY we are all about embracing who you are and rolling with it and that event was the perfect culmination of hundreds of amazing women (and men) coming together to do exactly that, no matter how far out of their comfort zones they were on the day.

And even more than that I got be a total fangirl with three AMAZING women who I follow on social media - Sophie Cachia, Tanya Hennessy and Emmylou Maccarthy. They were incredibly inspiring and openly honest which was so refreshing. Even more refreshing is that giant shiny head of mine :)

Business Chicks


One of the biggest things I took away form the day that was a VERY common theme throughout the day from all the speakers was ‘find someone your are passionate about and stop at nothing until that is your day job”. We may not be able to quit our jobs and be solely YDY just yet but the future is looking bright.

We love every minute of you being on the journey with us and value every single one of you!

Now onto world domination, until then See You Next Tuesday!