13 Practical Tips For Any Career Lady Who Suddenly Finds Herself Not-So-Employed

There may be an abundance of jobs advertised in the marketplace you can see on Seek, or on LinkedIn, but did you know there are approximately 250 applications per job ad? That’s mental.

So unless you already have a transition strategy, we recommend the following steps be taken if you suddenly find yourself not so employed.

1. Tighten your belt

Not THAT belt you fool! Look closely at your budget and see where you can save costs. If you have areas that you can cut costs, now is the time. Be honest - we can all save a bit of money here and there if you know how.

2. Call your debtors

If you’re like most people and have a personal loan, a credit card, car finance, or home loan then NOW is the time to call them and have a chat about your situation. Do not wait. Most lenders will have a team that are dedicated to people experiencing financial hardship and will make accommodations for either smaller repayment amounts, or will pause your repayments altogether. Thank you for that, debtors.

3. Revamp the resume

If you’ve been in one job for some time there’s a chance that this is a little tired looking and in need of a tart-up. Search online for some resume templates and just copy them - there are plenty online. Once you’ve updated your skills and experience, and embellished a little, share your resume with your friends and/or family to get their feedback. Also, you might need two or three different versions of your CV to suit different job types if you’ve got a varied background.

4. Update your digital profile

Google yourself and see what comes up. (As if you don't already do this.) Ensure the search results reflect what you want potential future boss people to be looking at. Update your LinkedIn profile (and headshot, if needed), add your job seeker profile to Seek, and ensure your personal social media profiles don’t have public pictures of you doing anything unsavoury. That’s right Susan, this means you.

5. Reach out to recruiters

Recruiters are a great place to start to get back into the interview game. Quite often you’ll meet with a recruiter and they will provide honest feedback about your interview style, dressing style, and your CV. Ignore their feedback completely, they are a waste of time, and will only contact you because they think they can get a commission out of you. I’m serious.

6. Hustle, hustle, hustle!

The job market is competitive. You need to connect with friends, family, ex colleagues, ex-lovers, ex-husbands and contacts to ask them if they know of anybody who is hiring. You never know who is connected to who and it just might land you a job interview. (That rhymed.)
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7. Eat more white stuff.

We’re talking pasta, rice, bread, cereal, tuna, soups and casseroles. Yes, your weight will balloon but at least you’ll save money! Make big batches of food and save it for later. Freeze food portions. Take small plastic containers of said white food with you when you go out in public and eat it at cafes & restaurants. Your kids will be mortified.

8. Turn off all the electronics.

Electricity is EXPENSIVE, yo! Turn off your heaters and put on (another) jumper. Turn the lights off and just use candles. Use gas where required instead of electricity. Take turns having baths just once a week to save water. Recycle the bath water for the dish water. Then use that dish water for the plants.

9. Sell your shit on eBay.

If you still haven’t found a job, might I suggest that you kick up your money making activities at notch by looking to your wardrobe as to what you can sell. Your wedding dress, the frock you wore to your cousins wedding last month, the pair of shoes that make your legs look AWESOME but your feet blister. Keep the kids for now, you need them.

10. Explore employment alternatives and/or supplements.

In this day and age there are several sharing economy platforms that you can go to, to help bring in some form of income. You could drive Uber (or don’t, they are assholes - you’re better off driving Ola), you could clean someone’s house on Airtasker, you could rent your place out on AirBNB and live in the car... The options really are endless.

11. Beg, borrow and steal.

While we don’t condone stealing, we certainly suggest you lean in and ask family or close relatives, for a financial boost to help you cover costs if things are still not going well on the job front. Try to avoid borrowing from friends as this could ruin the relationship. Isn’t that right, Charlotte and Carrie.

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12. Stay strong & remain positive.

Things can get kinda dark when you’re applying for jobs, going to interviews, and nothing is coming through. It’s like speed dating, but for your career. Make sure you do your best to exercise whenever possible, eat as well as possible, drink lots of water and get support from your friends and family. Maybe consider this time could be used for meditation and/or yoga? HAHA just kidding.

13. Do what it takes to get the job - any job.

If you have to lower your asking price for the sake of keeping your house, do it. If you have to take the job that isn’t your dream job, but you get to get up each morning with purpose, do it. If you have to work several jobs to keep things afloat (finances, food, relationships) then do it. There is no shame at all in making ends meet any way you can.
Good luck, girlfriend!
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