Hi there! I am a depression expert*. I have been through several of my own, and I've experienced living with someone who has had depression. My mum had depression while us kids were growing up, and her mum had depression. My sister had depression from a young age, and my other sister got angry before she got depressed. And then my brother had it but self medicated it through the early use of recreational drugs.

We all cope with it differently. Some of us get really anxious, which then slips into a depression, and some just don't get out of bed. Some of us get really angry at the world (me!) and start withdrawing. 

Of all my years of being a depression "expert" I'd like to share with you the signs that you simply cannot ignore in yourself, and in the people around you.

  1. Withdrawal.
    If you start to not go out as much, stop responding to texts, stop answering calls, start saying "no" to invitations more than you say "yes" then take note.

  2. Not giving a shit about things you used to give a shit about.
    Things like your appearance, your health, your exercise... all of the things you know in your mind are important and are very high up on your care factor list but you are currently neglecting.

  3. Not enjoying things you used to enjoy.
    If you used to love going for a walk every Saturday morning and going to your favourite cafe to read the paper and all of a sudden you don't care about it and you'd rather stat at home, then that's a warning sign.

  4. Your food doesn't taste great anymore.
    If you're noticing that your morning super food smoothie is no longer hitting the spot and you're replacing it with something evil like chocolate milk and you don't even care, then that's a worry. Or if you're not eating at all because well, meh, then that's even worse.

  5. If you'd rather stay in bed.
    I know that getting out of bed can be hard, but if it's feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and your legs are made of lead and you just want to crawl back under the covers forever then that's a warning sign.

  6. If your quality of sleep is bad.
    If you're waking up during the night and not getting back to sleep, or if you're constantly tossing and turning it means something is on your mind and your sleep rythms are all out. This isn't great.

  7. You're drinking/eating/smoking/drugging too much.
    All of this stuff in life can be fun but only in moderation. If you're noticing that your weekend party time is slowly creeping into your weekly routine and you're starting your weekend on a Thursday and ending it on a Monday then you probably need to check yourself.

  8. You're angry all the time.
    If you're snapping at your partner, boyfriend, boss, mum, kids and the fucking bus driver then maybe the issue is not them? Being angry is a totally normal emotion but being angry all of the time is mentally exhausting and unproductive. Especially if there doesn't seem to be a reason for it.

  9. Your friends and loved ones are worried about you.
    If someone close to you has noticed you arent yourself and has said something to you, please take note! It might be hard to hear in the moment but if they have invested the time to call out your behaviours and are genuinely concerned please listen to them.

  10. You cry at everything.
    Sometimes you even cry for no reason at all. Just yesterday I cried about the smallest thing while on the ferry in front of everyone going to work. Big snotty tears in my corporate attire. If you feel like you're swallowing back tears most every day then that's a sign you need some help. 


Liptember is about raising mental health awareness in women. And mental health issues can be in many forms - not just depression and anxiety. I want people to know how very common mental health issues are and it's perfectly ok to ask for help. All profits from our September range go to this very worthy cause and we'd encourage you to support them (and us!) by purchasing one of our Liptember items. 

*Ok I'm not really an expert.


But there are plenty of them out there. They are often referred to as counsellors or therapists. If you need help, go get it! This is a good place to start...

Lifeline Australia 13 11 14

Beyond Blue https://www.beyondblue.org.au/ 

Or you can call on any of the YDY Crew members - we are always up for a chat, cry, laugh or dance. 


See You Next Tuesday!